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Monthly Update Mar 2017

Lamb Production

The team secured our second property, Belmont. Given its location adjacent to Marabou, this will provide for great operational efficiency. It also has a 600 megalitre annual water allocation, which will be most useful for irrigated grazing during Summer. Fencing installation continued over the month, but has not been fully completed. We terminated our contract with a fencing contractor due to poor quality work and are now in the process of recovering fees already advanced to them. A new contractor has been appointed and has commenced work.


The Company has made progress in preparing the Marabou site for holistic management and regenerative farming.

Work on upgrading site fencing begun on 18th March 2017.

The land is currently being prepared for scheduled seeding in April 2017. A tailored seed mix has been selected for cropping, which consists of legumes, broad leaves and grass species well suited for livestock fattening. Planting this tailored seed mix marks an important step on converting the property to a holistically managed basis. Once established, it will ensure use of pasticide and herbicide are not required.

Oats in early growth.

Lucerne with good groundcover.

Resown oats into wheat stable.

Unloading of ewes at Marabou site.

Ewes settled well on site.

Ewes in lamb up close.