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The Company's Value Proposition

-- Maintains an Australia-wide perspective to aggregate properties that are complementary and provide efficiencies through strategic development.

-- A vigilant focus on constantly reducing operating risks.

-- A focus not only on the standard elements of agricultural management, but the capture of greater value through active trading operations, across products and global markets.

-- Operational expertise at both a strategic and tactical level, ensuring a portfolio of investments that spreads opportunity for value capture whilst also ensuring risk is well managed.

-- Strong linkages with Asia – regions where Australian Food & Farming’s team has deep experience across investment and trade, combined with cultural understanding and language proficiency.

AFF will design tailor-made telecom solutions to meet the needs of our customers, and this is why we are working with different leading Satellite fleets that assure the full coverage needed, with the most appropriate technology for each service.

At AFF, we supply our clients with top quality VSAT systems, to ensure you get the best connectivity wherever you are, whether it be in a tropical jungle in the middle of Sumatra or on a tanker cruising through the Pacific Ocean.